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Tired of frozen lasagnas, last-minute take-out, and the 5 pm freakout? Looking for 30 minute meal plans?

Tired of searching Pinterest for recipes, comparing ingredients to your grocery flier, and spending hours shopping?

Only to do it again a few days later?

Yep. You need the “No Plan” 30 minute meal plan.

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20 Weeks of Meal Plans

You get 20 weekly meal plans that include mix-and-match dinner recipes per week. This is more than 100 easy recipes at your fingertips!

Weekly Printables & Shopping Lists

Each week includes a printable meal plan (with all recipes!) and a shopping list. You will also get kitchen tips, shortcuts, and easy hacks to multitask in the kitchen.

20 Ingredients per Week

Don’t worry! Your recipe list won’t include bizarre ingredients. Instead, each week only includes 20 ingredients that are super family-friendly.

5 Dinners per week

Each week you will get 5 dinner recipes that have different cook times: 10 minute dinner, 30 minute dinner, 1 hour dinner, and slow cooker. Each recipe will also include 3 complete food groups – protein, grain and vegetable.

1 Prep Day per week

Most weeks will include a prep day option to give you a headstart! You will also get tips for how to maximize ingredients to make the most of your pantry.

Completely customizable for your schedule!

Busy? There are 10-minute meals that aren’t hot dogs! Vegetarian? There are tips to make your meals meatless. Have fun making this meal plan yours!

Want a free example? Just click here and download week 6! This is an example of a one-page printable that is included for every week.

See what they’re saying!

This is easy to customize, plan for, and follow. Also, we haven’t had any of “those nights” where we couldn’t stand the thought of eating anything on the menu. This is HUGE for us and has saved us a ton on eating out!

I have never commented on a blog, but I just wanted to say thank you, thank you. I have saved my family a lot of money using your family meal plans. It has made grocery shopping a breeze, and we have really liked all the recipes. Thank you again, and I look forward to following you for more menus.

I am a very busy working mom and I tried Week 10 for the first time last week and it was great. I took the list to the store and it was so easy! I usually hate cooking but I know it is much healthier and cheaper to cook at home and now I have no excuse not to…..Thank you again!

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