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I find myself pulling out my summer must haves around this time every year. And because I have found some favorites that stand the test of time – I know you will want to hear about them! These favorites make my summer. Make sure to leave a comment with your summer favorites!

all-time summer favorites

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner

1 – I have talked about this self-tanner before.  I have tried so many brands – and I always come back to this Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner.  It is a thick lotion that smells so good, my husband has requested I wear it.  No joke.  I would wear it just for the creaminess and the scent.  The tan is natural, non-streaky, and all-natural.  I thought it was sold out, so I was so happy to see Amazon has it for only $6.18!

Victoria Secret Sleepshirts

2 – Last year I was on the search for a sexy and cute – but comfortable – everyday sleepwear option.  I found these sleepshirts from Victoria Secret.  Y’all, I am in love.  They are so soft and comfortable – but the cutest things ever!  I would recommend getting them when VS has their sales and coupons!

Summer Hair

3 – I love letting my hair go during the summer – and don’t care to spend a fortune on a Sea Salt Spray – when I can make my own!  I keep a spray bottle of this in my bathroom, and use it a ton during the summer!  Get my recipe here.

The Summer Body

4 – I am planning to write the dreaded post about hair removal soon (sorry – it had to come some time!), but in the meantime, just know that Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream is magic!  I use it on my arms, but I hear it is awesome for the whole body.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the face.  It is super effective, good smelling, fast acting – and it works.  Score.

5 – Summer calls for fresh soft skin – that I get by using my dry brush.  I use it in the shower before I run the water, and LOVE it.  Read my post about it here!

6 – I always keep coming back to Eos Lip Balms.  They are fruity, smooth, and last FOREVER.  I re-stock every summer!  Get them here.

7 – To me, the very best summer color is OPI Cajun Shrimp.  I am kind of an OPI snob, and Cajun Shrimp is my go-to all summer.

French Women Don’t Get Fat

8 – I first read French Women Don’t Get Fat in 2006, and now I read it every summer.  For some reason, it just gets me in the “eat healthy because it’s summer” mood, and I love her stories and thoughts about fresh food, farmer’s markets, and clean eating.  I love her yogurt recipe – but don’t recommend her leak diet (3 days eating only leaks in leak water).  Yes, I did that once and my husband will never let me live it down.

What are your favorite summer must haves??  Share with me so I can get all summer-y this season!

My 8 Summer Must Haves You Must Try!