I had the awesome privilege of testing out Beauty Counter products a couple weeks ago! I am sure you have heard about Beauty Counter – the new beauty company that offers safe beauty products in gorgeous packaging. Well, maybe thats just how I used to see Beauty Counter. They are making waves for their ban of more than 1,500 ingredients toxic ingredients – and their personalized experience matching the right beauty products for each customer.

I really loved testing out their products, because I have been so intrigued by this company. Beauty manager Nicole Brinson sent me an awesome selection. And let’s be honest, they have gorgeous packaging!

Beauty Counter Review

Beauty Counter Products I received and tested:

  • Charcoal soap: a wonderful cleansing bar that naturally removed impurities without drying. Perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Enlightening treatment pads: awesome little power packed pads that brighten skin, even complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Radiance firming complex: an awesome moisturizer that brightens skin and firms at the same time.
  • Lustro face oil #3: an awesome plant-based oil that naturally detoxifies skins and adds hydration.
  • Essentials PM moisturizer: a very hydrating moisturizer that hydrates without being oily. Coconut oil based and fantastic for oily skin.
  • Body collection shampoo and conditioner: No SLS or added fragrance.
  • Body wash, Lotion and Handcream: body products in their signature “Citrus mimosa” scent, a natural scent from essential oils. All hydrating and healthy for skin without any harsh solvents or ingredients.

What I thought…

  1.   They are silky smooth, fresh, light and felt so refreshing on my skin.  Remember old drug store products that leave your face tight and dry?  These are so the opposite!  I loved the refreshing feeling – knowing that I was treating my skin right.
  2. Their scents (especially everything citrus) are divine! They are so light and fresh – but so tropical and sunny. Seriously, some of the best scents I have ever smelled in skin products!
  3. The Charcoal Soap was by far my favorite product – and one that I will be buying! My face cleared up, dried out, and I saw results in a week!
  4. Honestly, I didn’t see any results with the other products in just a week. That doesn’t mean they didn’t “work”. It just means a week is a super short period of time to see results. Some might say that feeding your skin with super clean and healthy products are the results themselves. I honestly need to see actual results on my skin to say a product works. But, Beauty Counter has awesome reviews on their website – so there is a long line of women seeing results!
  5. I love these products! They seem rather pricey for me, but they last a LONG time. Also, if you are interested in becoming a salesperson, you get discounts! Make sure to contact Nicole here if you are interested.

Win Your Own

Do you use Beauty Counter? Make sure to leave a comment and let me know your favorite product!

And…We aren’t done! Make sure you enter for a free Rose Neroli Body Oil! This is no longer available for purchase, but is available to you! Nicole is super sweet to offer this to one of A Modern Commonplace Book’s readers – ENJOY!

Please note! This giveaway is only for the US.

This giveaway is no longer active.

BeautyCounter Honest Review by A Modern Commonplace Book

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