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No one has time to go out. Get a babysitter. Make a reservation. Join the club and try out these at home date night ideas for tired couples. You can thank me later ❤️.

Last weekend my husband and I sat down and planned out our week FULLY. I mean – even the kids baths and bed times are planned out.

And you know what is planned for tonight? DATE NIGHT. A complete “kids go to bed at 6:30 and we don’t talk projects” DATE NIGHT.

But that got me Googling every version of “at home date night ideas”. Seriously, we need more than take-out and Netflix. You know what I found? I found about 2 gazillion variations of lighting candles and learning how to dance. That sounds fun and all…but I’m tired. And I’d love something to just fall into my lap.

So here are my favorite at home date night ideas for tired couples. You know you qualify – so check them out! And please send me your favorite ideas. I’m hoping this at home date night tradition happens a lot at my house.

romantic at home date night ideas for tired couples

1. Appetizers and Puzzles

Who wants to cook on date night? But going out requires so much work. My solution? Appetizers and Puzzles. Let me set the mood:

You actually clean you kitchen and living room and light a candle. Lets not go crazy here.

Raid your grocery store (extra points if you make it to Trader Joe’s) and grab up all your favorite frozen appetizers. Mozzarella Sticks. Barbecue Meatballs. Buffalo Chicken Dip. Taquitos. Loaded Baked Potato Skins. Chips and Guac. You get the idea. ALL OF IT.

Pop it in the oven and you are done.

Run upstairs and jump in the shower. Throw on a slinky tee-shirt and *gasp* no pants. Make sure you shave those legs.

Grab a glass of wine. Open a new puzzle.

(Remember you thought ahead and ordered this romantic puzzle from Amazon?)

And just chill. The day washed off of you. Wine and taquito in hand.

Want to up the stakes? Mix up an adult beverage (grab a recipe from my friend Booze Magic here!) and pull out a romantic *uncessored* game and…

2. Take-Out and a Pillow Fort

One year when my daughter was 6 months old, I surprised my husband with a pillow fort in our living room by the fire. I was just coming off of hospitalization and being bed-ridden, so romance was NOT expected.

I ordered a bunch of fun romantic things from Amazon – these date night cards, this $15 lingerie that is still my absolute favorite, and other things that I really can’t mention here…

I pulled out our sofa bed, added candles, and pillows, and blindfolded him.

Sidenote: if you know me at all this was a HUGELY out-of-the-ordinary event. I am normally so basic and tired, that I was really proud of this.

Oh – and order take-out because you have to eat.

It was the best – so relaxing. So simple. And – we were right by the baby monitor the whole time. Score.

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas for Tired Couples - Experience disney at home

3. Make Dinner Together – Hollywood-Style

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas for Tired Couples

You know what I mean. Barefoot in the kitchen. The perfect spread of vegetables sliced on the counter. Letting each other taste the spaghetti sauce right out of the pot. You know what I mean.

Personally, my husband and I LOVE making Italian Arancini (Risotto Rice Balls). An Italian dish like this is perfect for whipping up with your hubby in the kitchen.

BTW, you HAVE to watch this Arancini recipe with the gem of a cook Gennaro Contaldo. We still quote this video ALL THE TIME and have all the ? for this guy. This will be the best thing you watch all year:

I think the perfect date night in (think VALENTINE’S DAY at home) would be to cook Italian in the kitchen together.

Not a cook? Then you have to try this awesome meal dinner service EveryPlate.

Have you ever heard of Home Chef or Hello Fresh? This Hello Fresh alternative is amazing and SO MUCH CHEAPER.

EveryPlate - Cheap Home Chef Alternative

EveryPlate is a dinner cooking service that sends you recipes and ingredients for 2 or 4 people – starting at $4.99 a serving.

If you use this link, you get $20 off your first box – making it $1.66 a serving!

How is EveryPlate

I love how EveryPlate uses less packaging and is better for the environment. This is how their prices are so low!

Order this for Valentine’s Day – and be ready for a little romantic canoodling in the kitchen. Just open a bottle of wine and…voila.

4. Re-Live a Memory

My husband and I honeymooned in a cabin in December amid the snow – and those memories still are some of those romantic ones in our history. Several times we went up to the local ski lodge and had this AMAZING kettle chip nachos. I’m telling you – amazing!

When I want to take us back to those days, all I have to do is make those nachos, give our house a little “winter cabin” vibe, and we are there!

Do you have any memories that center around food that you love to recreate? Even if you can’t actually rent the cabin, book a sitter, and re-create the trip – food will take you back!

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas for Tired Couples

5. Experience Disney at Home

Some of you are die-hard Disney fans. I mean. I see your Instagram stories!

Why not re-create your favorite Disney experience at home? This is also an awesome way to “date night” with the kids.

Are you into theme nights? Perfect. I’m feeling Aladdin. Who doesn’t love some Persian silk and belly dancing?

Want a little adult drink situation? What about recreating Epcot’s Drink around the World at home? Just pick up a sampler of your favorite international drinks, and have your own sampler!

Did you know you can even get a candle to make your house smell like Disney?

I’m also feeling this Disney soundtrack.

Turn on your favorite movie, add a long wig, and whip out that drink around the world! This is your night.

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas for Tired Couples - experience disney at home

Are you a tired couple? Share your Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas

I’d love to hear your favorite at home date night ideas! Please leave a comment so we can all add more creative ideas to our repertoire.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas for Tired Couples