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An Honest Brandless Review - What I Re-order Every Month!

Before I purchased my first Brandless order, I looked everywhere for a good Brandless Review! I hope my experience (and continued support for Brandless) gives you some good feedback about this amazing company.

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How do you feel about shopping for your oatmeal, coconut oil, face cream, kitchen spoons, and stationery all at one online store? And what if everything was $3? And everything is non-toxic, culture friendly, not tested on animals, etc? And for every order, the company gives back and donates a meal with Feeding America?

It sounds too good to be true.

A Brandless Review

Well, it is true – and a real online grocery shopping experience, y’all, and it’s amazing! I’ve become a huge fan. And it’s called Brandless. Brandless – because there is no brand. All the products and just simple products that have simple labels with their ingredients forthright. And because of this, they escape the red-tape of a “BrandTax”, and they pay less overhead. And, the products are amazing. It’s almost too good to be real.

Brandless Review - what I re-order every month!

I first heard about Brandless through a YouTuber’s review, and I immediately was intrigued. I’m not a brand snob for most things, and I’m always looking for a way to save money on everyday things. I also learned that huge names like Jessica Seinfeld, Randi Zuckerburg and Steph Curry invested in this company in 2017 because they really believed in it. Super intrigued.

Here’s a little background about how Brandless works:

I love the idea of simplicity, ethics, minimalistic approach, and beautiful packaging. Also – you don’t have to get a membership! You can for FREE shipping, easier ordering and for more giving-back meal donating, but it’s optional. It’s so fascinating! Click here to get $6 off your first order!

What I first ordered from Brandless:

Here’s what I ordered my first time:

Face/Body Products:

Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo

Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Conditioner

Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

Daily Facial Moisturizer

Night Cream

Grapefruit Facial Scrub

Green Apple Facial Toner

Mint Foot Cream

Aluminum Free Deodorant

Green Tea & Aloe Body Lotion


Tub & Tile Cleaner, Summer Breeze

Glass Cleaner, Cucumber Mint


Organic Oats & Honey Granola

Organic Quick Cook Oats

Organic Milled Flax Seeds (Only $1.50)

Organic Cheese Duck Crackers


Stationery Set

In short, I loved the products, and I will definitely be ordering again! I love the quality, the simplicity, the quick shipping, and the wholesome small-shop feel of ordering all my products from one place. Here are my favorites:

1 – Green Tea & Aloe Body Lotion – I almost didn’t get this because I have so much lotion at my house. But, I bought it thinking it’d be great in a guest bathroom. But, y’all. It’s AMAZING. It is thick, creamy, and smells divine. I like it better than Aveeno, Lubriderm, and Bath and Body Works lotions.
I just moved to a dry climate, and this is PERFECT. I feel like I’m in a spa, and will buy this again for sure.

2 – Night Cream – Again, super luxorious, creamy, smells divine – and ONLY $3. I’ve never seen a night cream that cheap. And the shea butter really works.

3 – Aluminum-Free Deodorant – I LOVE this deoderant!  It was lavender-y and definitely kept me odor-free.  It was very similar to coconut oil + corn starch + essential oil deodorant I make at home – but so much better.  I totally recommend.

Overall body product review – I love them! I might not buy the shampoo and conditioner again because I can get cheaper products at TJ Maxx. But, they work! And the facial cleansers, toners, and scrubs all work amazingly and smell divine. Also, they have a super minimal natural list of ingredients, which I love! My biggest favorite is the Shower and Bath Bundle because it’s PERFECT for a guest bathroom. Only $21 for 7 products – and the bottles are soooo pretty for a guest bathroom. Love it!

4 – Tub & Tile Cleaner, Summer Breeze – This is my favorite product hands-down. This tub and tile cleaner is foamy, strong and smells so good and WORKS amazingly. It’s a huge bottle – so I will be using it for a long time. Here’s what the company says about this cleaner. I love it so much.

*Update – they now no longer sell the individual cleaners. Instead, they sell a Cleaning Concentrate Bundle that comes will refills for each of their cleaning products. I love ALL of these products – and keep a bottle in every bathroom.*

Overall food review – The food was so good! The oatmeal, crackers and granola all taste just like name brands for me – and they are much cheaper. For all couponers and Aldi-shoppers, you might be able to get other brands for less than $3. But, for some products, $3 is a steal for these products!

5 – Organic Oats & Honey Granola – We are super picky about granola – and this granola was perfect!  It wasn’t too sweet, too nutty – and was perfect over yogurt and cereal.

What I now re-order every month from Brandless:

  1. Aluminum Free Lavandin Deodorant

  2. The Cleaning Concentrates Refills

  3. Night Cream

  4. Tear Free Baby Shampoo and Wash

  5. Organic Kids’ Gummy Multivitamin

You need to try this! Click here for $6 off – which is TWO ITEMS free with your order. You won’t regret it. If anything, try that tub and tile cleaner and body lotion. I’m still amazed by how awesome it is. Make sure you get $6 off when you place your first order!

Have you tried Brandless? Make sure you share your favorite items below so I can try them out!

An Honest Brandless Review - What I Re-Order Every Month from Brandless
An Honest Brandless Review - What I Re-order Every Month!

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