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It’s been awhile since I wrote a Come Research with Me post – and so I decided to share my recent research that I did for my husband!

My husband is a good dresser.  He always has been.  I think he once spent a thousand dollars at Land’s End and it has lasted him about ten years.  Not joking.  This man knows his clothes.

But lately I have wanted him to upgrade his jeans.  His jeans weren’t bad, just a little old.  We aren’t getting any younger, and I wanted to spruce up his wardrobe.  Of course, being the student of What Not To Wear that I am, I wanted to stick with straight and dark jeans.  None of this light-washed bagginess for us!  I did the research and we braved the mall.  My husband is not much of a lover of trying on clothes in dressing room.  Who is?  But, he did it just for me and man we scored big!  This is what we found!  I hope this can help you get your man some nice jeans!

(For all my research and thoughts on jeans for you, check out my Jeans 101 post!)



  • Wash:  Dark wash
  • Syle:  Bootcut or Straight
  • Quality:  Better than Target – not as nice as Seven for All Mankind
  • Price:  Under $100
  • Other:  No holes, not a lot of distressing



american eagle jeans 1American Eagle Original Boot Jean

  • Great cut and wash
  • Only $39.95
  • Real-life:  Just didn’t fit right.  We decided we this bootcut was too baggy.


American Eagle Bootcut Jean

  • We liked the Medium Broken In Wash better than the Dark
  • Still only $39.95!
  • Real-Life:  These jeans still didn’t fit right.  The bootcut still seemed too baggy.


Banana Republic Boot-cut Indigo Jeans

  • Great look – but I was worried these would be too dark.
  • $89.50 – a good price for Banana Republic
  • Real-Life:  I really wanted to try these on.  They were out of stock.

Abercrombie and Fitch Boot Jeans

  • These were the right wash and style
  • On sale for $39!
  • Real-Life:  We didn’t make it to A&F – we found the perfect pair at Express first.

Express Kingston Classic Fit Boot Cut

  • Great wash and look
  • $69.90
  • Real-Life:  These were still baggy.  I figured we needed “Slim Cut Bootcut”.  Do they make that?


Express Rocco Slim Fit Boot Cut

  • We decided we loved this lightly-distressed look much better than the one-color dark wash.
  • $79.90 (But get second pair 50%)
  • Real-Life:  These were perfect!  We loved the slim fit boot cut – and they were perfect!  Score.

My husband looks amazing in these!  He has worn them non-stop and confesses that he loves them much more than his older favorite pair.  Note:  He did get them altered to take in the waist.  Remember you can always alter your jeans to make a good pair the perfect pair!

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Get your man some nice jeans

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