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the gilmore girl jeansI grew up in non-fun jeans. You know the kind – elastic waist, short hemlines. I never believed I could be “that girl” in a pair of jeans (you know – her name is Lorelai Gilmore!). I bought my first pair of “real” jeans for $60 at The Limited one year – and they changed my life.

Since then, I have made it my mission to find the best jeans for women! This is FAR from a comprehensive post, but it is my attempt to bring you some denim basics! If you struggle with finding the perfect jean – this post is for you!


Pockets are one of the KEY elements that can define the “MOM JEAN”.  They also single-handedly shape your butt.  These are some things to take into account:

1.  The size and placement of pockets are key.  Pockets need to extend down past the curvature of your butt.  Any jean whose pockets are high and stop before your butt stops, can pretty much be classified as a “mom jean”.  But also, any jean pockets that are too low can look really young and youthful.  Find something in the middle!

one person // different jeans

2.  The distance between the two pockets defines how large your butt appears.  Too wide – and your butt looks wide.  Too narrow, and your butt will look too wide.  Make sure you get feedback in the dressing room – because it can be tricky seeing your backside in the mirror by yourself!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.09.52 AM

one person // different jeans



Most of you already know what jeans you love – but if you struggle with the feel of a tight jean, think about this.  If your jeans are baggy – or skin-tight – in the thigh, your thigh will appear larger than it is.  Find a jean that is flatteringly tight in the thigh.  This will do wonders!


So, there are TONS of types of jeans out there – and everyone has their own preference.  But, if you are wondering what a universally flattering color and shape is – it is the dark, straight jean.  I own this bit of knowledge to Stacy and Clinton, who have changed the way I view jeans.  Let’s look at this.  According to Stacy’s interview with Ladies’ Home Journal:

“Jeans with a darker wash are more flattering and look more polished than jeans in a lighter wash,” Kelly says. “Color versatility will come in handy if you want to wear jeans when you go out at night or if you’re trying to create a business casual look.”

Personally, I think that a dark straight jean is the most versatile shape – and makes any size appear long and lean.  Of course, it all depends on the fit of the jean – but 9 times out of 10, a dark wash and straight leg is a safe bet.



  1. I have heard really good things about the Gap Sexy Boot Jeans. Kate from The Small Things Blog loves these – and I think they are a very traditional bootcut jean! And – now they are marked down to $33!
  2. I have loved the shape of LOFT jeans. These Modern Flare are very classy – and I LOVE that they are sized according to waste size! So much more practical than the tradiional “4, 6, 8, 10!”!
  3. My very favorite jeans are the American Eagle Artist Jeans. They are flattering, cheap, and gorgeous! They come with a high-rise option for those who need more coverage. I always get mine altered in the back – but they are totally worth it!
  4. My first love were jeans from The Limited, and these 678 Trouser jeans are gorgeous! The Limited as three looks – Lexie, Drew and Cassidy. Make sure you know your best look. I just found out a few years ago that I am a Lexie – and that changed everything about how their pants fit!
  5. You can’t beat designer jeans. I know they cost an arm and a leg, but there is a reason why. They are like magic! If you can’t afford them, try on some favorites and find your favorite brand. Then, look for them on Ebay or Poshmark. I got my favorite Seven for All Mankind jeans on Ebay for under $50! You can do it people!

Three Rules for Wearing Denim - tips, favorites and examples


Question #1:  I can’t seem to find jeans in which I both look fabulous and can bend down with 2 children in my arms and lug out 2 20 lb. bags from the library without revealing more than I wish…I think I need a miracle, apparently…

Answer:  I can think of four solutions for this TYPICAL mom quandary!  One, get them altered perfectly.  A good alteration will make your jeans fit perfectly snug in the waist.  Two, try the High-Rise Artist Jeans above.  Cute – but a little higher!  Three, try an fun skinny belt!  I have this one from Target – and it is perfect!  Four, get some long camisoles from Forever 21 – they will cover up anything!


Question #2:  I can never seems to find jeans that don’t start to sag about half way through the day. I don’t like to have to wear a belt all the time. Have a fix? Also, I have seen the “boyfriend jean” trend, but can’t figure out how to pull it off without looking frumpy. Help!

Answer:  I would give the same advice as above – and add this caveat.  Quality jeans hold their shape.  Maybe spend a little more on a designer set – it will change the way you think about jeans.  I kinda am also scared by the “boyfriend” jean trend.  Shay from Mix and Match Family did an AWESOME post on boyfriend jeans – check it out!  This is my best advice on the subject :).
Question #3:  Do you buy jeans a little long so that you have the option of wearing a little heel with them? 

Answer:  I have long and short jeans for this purpose.  Personally, I wish all mine were short enough for flats – because they can be worn with heels as well.  Longer jeans for just heels are less versatile for the flats and sandals.  However, my pair of Sevens are longer – and when I wear them with flats I just roll up the hem.  So, that is a good option!

SO – That’s all I have, folks!  PLEASE share your favorite jeans down below.  And, if any more questions roll in – I promise to do my best answering.  Or, I will just refer you to someone who does know the answers!  ENJOY YOUR DENIM!

All comparison photos give full credit to Grasping for Objectivity who has fabulous denim posts.  Check her out for an IN-DEPTH look at denim!

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