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I hate cleaning the bathroom. I hate mold. I really hate soap scum. I live in an old house that has mint green tile. Yep, not pretty and not the most ideal! And, my enemy is constantly SOAP SCUM. I mean, who doesn’t hate soap scum? The solution? All-natural soap scum removers.

In the past, I have tried almost every soap scum remover out there – the spray ones. The scrub ones. The natural ones. The ones whose fumes will kill you. And, truth be told – the basic vinegar and baking soda ones work the best! Here are my two absolute favorite ways of making my shower/tub shiny again.

1. Dawn and Vinegar Natural Soap Scum Remover

Everyone loves this natural technique and it really does work! It involves Dawn dish soap (not a knock-off brand!), vinegar and water. It’s simple, fast, doesn’t involve scrubbing, and produces the shiniest tile you’ve ever see. People use it on tile, glass doors, tubs – all of it! I honestly am amazed by this trick.

Dawn and Vinegar Soap Scum Remover

Time needed: 30 minutes.

  1. Microwave 1 cup vinegar

  2. Mix in 1/2 cup Dawn Dish Soap

  3. Spray or pour all over your bathtub tile

  4. Leave for 30 minutes

  5. Rinse off with a bucket of water

BTW, this is INCREDIBLY fume-y. I have to hold my breath, run out of the room, and then plan on being out of the house all day. It’s really bad. Now, if you can open your windows and ventilate well – it’s totally ok!

2. Baking Soda Natural Soap Scum Remover

My new favorite method is just baking soda. That’s it. I sprinkle it on my tube, sprinkle quickly with water, and then scrub it off! It doesn’t take much scrubbing and produces the same shiny amazingness as the process above. Y’all, this has made cleaning my shower so much more enjoyable!

Baking Soda Soap Scum Remover

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Sprinkle Baking Soda in bathtub

  2. Quickly spray with shower

  3. Leave for 10 minutes

  4. Scrub for 5 minutes

  5. Rinse off with a bucket of water

3. Need a quick daily fix? Try Method Daily Shower Spray

Recently I’ve started using the Method Daily Shower Spray and I love it! It cleans my shower pretty well on the daily, and really keeps down the amount of soap scum that accumulates over the long haul. I’ve tried other daily shower cleaners, and love this one the best. Try it!

Leave some comments and let me know your favorite natural soap scum remover!

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