I really hate to meal plan, so I thought we could “not meal plan” together.


I don’t have time for bullet journalling, family calendar planning, and month-long freezer-cooking projects. I am doing pretty well if dinner gets on the table at 6 o’clock (or 7 o’clock…or 8 o’clock). In fact, with a newborn, my goal right now is to get everyone fed. Anyone with me?

If you are like me, and really strive to eat home to save your pennies, time, and sanity, keep scrolling to download my favorite way to get dinner on the table!

The Free Meal Plan

This is how it works.  I have created 20 weeks of meal plans.  Each week has 5 mix-and-match dinner recipes with a shopping list of no more than 20 ingredients.

With every meal plan you get:

  • 5 dinner recipes
  • 1 shopping list of no more than 20 ingredients
  • 1 printable for the whole week
  • Optional “extra” recipes for breakfast and lunch
  • Optional “prep” day instructions to free up your week!

This is easy to customize, plan for, and follow. Also, we haven’t had any of “those nights” where we couldn’t stand the thought of eating anything on the menu. This is HUGE for us and has saved us a ton on eating out!

  1. Each week includes a maximum of 20 ingredients. That’s right. You receive a grocery list of no more than 20 ingredients.
  2. The plan only includes 5 dinner recipes. They are not assigned to days of the week.
  3. Each recipe is categorized by one of 4 cook times. It will either be a 10 minute recipe, 30 minute recipe, an hour recipe, or slow cooker recipe.
  4. Each recipe includes 3 complete food groups: protein, grain and vegetable.
  5. Each recipe is for 2 servings – aimed at young couples who need a fast dinner option. Families can multiply the ingredients.
  6. Each week will give you the instructions for 1 Prep Day.

Here are some things you should know.

This has been super helpful in planning out meals, especially since I’ve been sick and have had NO energy for meal planning. We would’ve been eating cereal!

See each free meal plan here!

I want you to know that I am using one of your menu plans this week. So far, it has already helped my grocery bill. Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work.

I love this idea because It isn’t something that you HAVE to use EVERYDAY!

We’ve enjoyed each week making most of the recipes. It has also been easy to tweak the recipes slightly to fit our family’s eating preferences.

Seriously loving these meal plans… we’ve been working hard to eat at home more, and they have been a huge help in achieving that goal!

I am a very busy working mom and I tried Week 10 for the first time last week and it was great. I took the list to the store and it was so easy! Thanks for all your hard work that went into this..I am going to go back to previous weeks and pick some out too. By the way, I usually hate cooking but know it it much healthier and cheaper to cook at home and now I have no excuse not to…..Thank you again!

Y’alls menus pretty much have stuff that I already have on hand!

I have never commented on a blog, but I just wanted to say thank you, thank you. I have saved my family a lot of money using your plans. It has made grocery shopping a breeze, and we have really liked all the recipes. Thank you again, and I look forward to following you for more menus.

Thanks so much for these great meal plans that not only taste good, but are “do-able”. I have used two different weeks now!
The “No Plan” Free Meal Plan