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Plum Paper Collage

I just wanted to write a little follow up on my Life Planner that I bought last year.  Remember it?  This gorgeous Plum Paper Planner?  Here are some posts to catch you up!

I really loved (and still love) this planner.  But, I have decided not to buy another Life Planner this year.  In fact, I might never buy another one again.  In case you wanted an honest look at Life Planners in general, here are my reasons:

1.  I did not use this planner to its full potential.  I spent so much time customizing the “work”, “blog”, “home” and all the other sections – and 70% of the time, I just didn’t follow the customizations.  I mean, they were really cool features!  But, I felt like I wasted money on features that I didn’t have time to use on a daily basis.

plumpaper 2Collage

2.  The planner became a glorified grocery list.  I guess I didn’t have as many schedules and dates to organize, and all I really did was right down to-do and grocery lists.  I mean, I like grocery lists.  But I don’t want to spend $40 on one!

3.  It became a guilt purchase.  I felt like I needed to use the planner because I spent so much money on it – and then I felt guilty for letting days go by without using it.  That is not the point of a planner!


4.  I have a better memory than I thought.  Honestly, writing things down in the planner became repetitive.  I know that I needed to clean the sheets, so why write them down in the planner 30 minutes before cleaning them?  Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids and 10 schedules to juggle.  But honestly, I can remember my appointments and plans just fine.

5.  I like cheap simple planners.  I already have a free planner that I am using for 2015 – and honestly, I am really excited to start using it :).  All the guilt and pressure is off!  Small, simple planners, here I come!

(This is in no way meant to bash Plum Paper or any other Life Planner business.   The actual planners are great – I just don’t need one!)