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Hey, friend!

How's it going today? Did you get a hot cup of coffee? A minute to yourself? Is dinner happening today - or is it Chik-Fil-A again? Do you just want someone to listen to you and understand you today?

Me too.  Let's do this together.

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How to Buy and Sell Clothes on Ebay

As I mentioned in my post Wardrobe Basics: Never Pay Full Price, I love shopping on Ebay.  So many of my favorite purchases have come from Ebay.  I am going to try to cover all the basics in this post, but don’t hesitate to leave comments and questions :).  I would love to know about […]

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DIY Child’s Grandparent Journal

My Grandparent Journal Here is a simple, super sweet idea for you!  When I young, my mother created a sweet idea for me and my grandmother.  She bought a journal for me and my grandmother to mail back and forth. We both write in it for several pages, and oftentimes I ask tons of questions […]

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