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Are you a blogger that wants amazing WordPress comments that grow a community with your blog? Do you use Blogger and just want to know how to build the best relationship with your readers?

Well then you have come to the right place! Here is everything you need to know – WordPress Comments and Blogger Comments 101.

In starting this post, I received several questions about comments. Here is are a few examples:

I have gotten so discouraged with my own blog because I feel as though I’m writing to myself – no one EVER comments! How do you get people to engage?

How do you get your readers to comment?

What are your thoughts on leaving comments on blog posts and the best way to handle word verification in the comment section?

I am going to try answer all of these – so hang tight! Here are all my rambling thoughts about blog comments! Here goes.

My Tips for Blog Comments

I have always struggled with comments and commenters.

When I started this blog, I struggled with the whole commenting thing. I rarely got comments, and felt like I had no engagement. I’ve been there! I have really worked hard to make comments and commenting a priority, so here are a lot of thoughts and tips I have picked up over the last year and a half.

Spam comments don’t count.

This is something I have grown to understand. Sometimes, lots of comments are a bad thing. There are two types of spam comments. One, there are real spam comments. If you have WordPress, you MUST use the Askimet plugin RIGHT NOW. It takes care of all those spam comments.

But two, a (bad) trend in blogging now is comment for the sake of exposure. Big blogs tend to get tons of these types of comments:

Oh my goodness, I agree completely!
Susie Q
Read my blog >> https://www.yoururlhere.com

These are not real comments, y’all! These are people wanting to get exposure and traffic because their name is on your blog. I really dislike this trend, and have started only being thankful for REAL readers, REAL friends, and REAL comments. If that means I get fewer, so be it! I take this same approach with people that unsubscribe from my newsletter. I only want real friends and readers – not people for the sake of numbers:).

While we are at it, if you are one of these commenters, please stop! It’s not flattering. Also, I know I used to do this. #sorry

Make commenting EASY.

At the beginning of blogging, I logged out of my blog and wrote a test comment on my own site. This gave me a gauge of what my readers were doing. Here are a few things to do:

  • Remove all word verification (Blogger does this automatically – so find it and remove it!  There are better ways to monitor comments, and this turns people off immediately.
  • Use a comment system that doesn’t require a separate login.  I like options that use my Facebook, Twitter, or Google login because I am probably already logged into one of those places.
  • Use a comment system that allows NON-BLOGGERS to comment.  I have a ton of readers that aren’t bloggers.  And, I want them to be able to comment EASILY.  (I asked one of my friends for her feedback which helped!)
  • If you want, enable the CommentLuv plugin.  I don’t use this, but it attracts commenters because they get a linkback to their own blog.

Comment back on your comments.

I am not perfect at this – but if you respond back to comments, you are creating conversation. Don’t be aggressive with it, but make sure you readers know you are present! This is also where the sweetest friendship and relationships happen!

On WordPress, most commenting systems do not reply to commenters and tell them there is a response to their comment. So, even if you do reply, they might not know! I love using the Disqus Comment System for this reason (it replies back) or use the plugin Comment Reply Notification.

On Blogger, make sure to add your email address under “Mobile and Email”. This allows all the comments to come to your email – and you can continue as an email conversation. I give Nadine with East And Blog full credit for this diagram:

blogger blog comments

Know your commodity and draw your readers into your niche.

I don’t really like the word “niche” so I like the word “commodity”. As bloggers, we are all “selling” or offering something. What is your commodity? Is your commodity your humor? Your knowledge? Your beautiful photos? Your interesting life? The sooner you pinpoint your commodity, the sooner you know what you are offering. Then, draw people into THAT SPHERE.

I learned this the hard way. I thought to be a blogger I need to be everything: the life-sharer, the photographer, the social media fiend, the linker-upper, the sponsorer, the commedian, and the creative soul. Turns out, I didn’t want to be those things – I just wanted to be me.

I recently decided to cut the crap and quit sponsorships, aggressive social media sharing, and personal tidbits, and just be me. I love tips. I love ideas. And, from here on out, that’s what this blog is about. If you like that kind of stuff, stay! Otherwise, you will spend your time better somewhere else :).

I have thousands of readers. I have dozens of blog friends.

This is something I treasure. I know this blog gets thousands of views a day, but when Jen of Whimsy at Heart comments, I realise I haven’t “talked” to her in awhile. When Jenn with life Begins with J emails me her baby’s name before announcing it, I am honored! When Jess with Operation Skinny Jeans tells me “I miss your face”, I get all excited! (Yes, I know I have a ton of “J” friends!)

These are the friends that will comment – and that will make my blog worth it. I met these girls via commenting – and sometimes just a few comments matters more than all the thousands!

If you made it to the end of this post, YOU GET A MEDAL! I am impressed! Leave a comment (HAHA) sharing your tips and tricks for blog comments!

Setting up WordPress Comments and Blogger Comments 101