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Jen Mackinnon

Jen Mackinnon helps working moms balance their career and homeschool their kids by providing practical solutions that help them cut through the noise and overwhelm and focus on their family’s unique needs. Jen has experience working outside the home in retail and also working inside the home while homeschooling her 2 children! You can find more of her resources at Practical by Default.

What they don’t tell you: Being a work from home mom with Jen Mackinnon

Do you ever wonder what it’s like being a work from home mom? This week I got to sit down with Jen Mackinnon from Practical by Default, and hear her awesome story of how she works in and out of the home – along with homeschooling her children. She wears so many hats, and has the best tips for juggling it all! Enjoy this interview with Jen!

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