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Little Passport Monthly Subscription – Your Honest Quick-Start Guide

The Little Passport Monthly Subscription is a genius activity kit for kids that teaches kids and gives them new adventures at home. If you are a busy mom that needs new ideas to entertain your kids, then definitely try out Little Passports! You will love the variety of topics, easy mess-free activities, focus on geography, and buildable learning options!

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We tried the Homer App for Kids – This is what Happened!

The Homer App for Kids Learning provides entertaining essays and books on science, nature, history and art using a smartphone or tablet for all ages. Do you need help teaching your kids while you work or are busy at home? The Homer app for kids has Writing, Alphabet, Math, Science, and Games for all ages!

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ESSENTIAL GUIDE: Childcare help for working parents

Do you need childcare help for working parents? Are you one of the millions of parents working from home – looking for clever ways to make it easier? Well then you have come to the right place! This is a four part series for parents working from home, learning how to maneuver working at home with childcare, schedules, your daily routine, and keeping up with daily chores. Join me for the 4-Part series for parents working from home!

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Oh hey there!

I’m Ginny and can’t wait to meet you! I work 50+ hours a week. Mom my two kids. And strive everyday to spend more real time with my husband and kids.

All I want to be is a good mom who works hard. That’s not too much to ask, right?  Come hang out with me and do more than the bare minimum.

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Grab your free pocket guide!

Grab my pocket guide of daily self-care tips to give you more brain space and calm your soul.

Must-have tips you need for SICK DAYS at home.