Pinterest Resources
for the Homeschool Mom

Cutting-edge Pinterest Resources from a veteran Pinterest Manager just for the Homeschool Niche. 


10 Canva Pinterest Pin Templates – just for the homeschool niche!

These Canva pin templates were made JUST for the homeschool niche.

These templates are for you if:

📌 You hate being creative with your pins!

📌 You don’t know what fonts and colors to use

📌 You need new ways to “broadcast” yourself

📌 You need new ideas for “Clickable” titles

This is what is included:

  • 10 completely editable templates (even if you don’t have Canva pro!)
  • Color suggestions for homeschool-niche keywords
  • “Clickable” title suggestions for homeschool pins!
  • Included is lifetime access to my monthly Pinterest newsletter. I want to share new Pinterest updates with you including: fast fixes for issues, ways to boost your traffic, new insight into the homeschool niche…and even FAQ sessions!
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My name is Ginny and I am just a regular work at home mom of two kids. I work for a remote employer by day, and I master Pinterest algorithms by night. I do my best work in my pajamas in bed, while watching reruns of White Collar.

I started delving into Pinterest because nothing was working for my site. My blog was like a black hole when it came to Pinterest. Even the Pinterest managers I hired weren’t getting anywhere.

Long story short, I learned Pinterest for myself, discovered a unique process to rank sites, took on clients, and now manage the Pinterest accounts of some awesome homeschool bloggers.

The homeschooling niche just kind of happened, but boy am I glad it did! Working with a range of homeschool websites has given me insight into how Pinterest interacts with homeschool niche accounts.

Join me as we dig deep and master traffic through Pinterest!


Custom Resources just for the Homeschool Niche


9 Things to Boost your Pinterest Account right now!

Grab this FREE resources to learn custom ways to boost your Pinterest account RIGHT NOW. Custom information just for the homeschooling niche.

Included: Top homeschool keywords for your Pinterest bio

Included: 4 must-have homeschool boards

Included: How to boost your boards

Included: Best practices to to re-pin your homeschool friend’s best content

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The Busy Mom Pinterest Strategy for Homeschool Moms in 2021

Let me show you how to create a pinning strategy that works just for you – and that will bring you engagement in 2021.

Included: My custom Google Sheet scheduler JUST for homeschool bloggers and how to use it

Included: Homeschool Trends (and what to pin when!)

Included: How to write board and pin descriptions

Included: Best TIMES to pin for homeschool bloggers

Included: How to NOT use Tailwind