My name is Ginny and I am just a regular work at home mom of two kids. I work for a remote employer by day, and I master Pinterest algorithms by night.

I started delving into Pinterest because nothing was working for my site. My blog was like a black hole when it came to Pinterest. Even the Pinterest managers I hired weren’t getting anywhere.

Long story short, I learned Pinterest for myself, discovered a unique process to rank sites, took on clients, and now manage the Pinterest accounts of some big-name homeschool bloggers.

I want to help you make pretty pins!

These Canva pin templates were made JUST for the homeschool niche.

These templates are for you if:

📌 You hate being creative with your pins!

📌 You don’t know what fonts and colors to use

📌 You need new ways to “broadcast” yourself

📌 You need new ideas for “Clickable” titles

Here is what is included:

  • 10 completely editable templates (even if you don’t have Canva pro!)
  • Color suggestions for homeschool-niche keywords
  • “Clickable” title suggestions for homeschool pins!

What else is included?

Included is lifetime access to my monthly Pinterest newsletter. I want to share new Pinterest updates with you including: fast fixes for issues, ways to boost your traffic, new insight into the homeschool niche..and even FAQ sessions!

Get started TODAY!