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I iron about once a year.  If that.  Both my husband and I wear items that should be ironed – but we are pretty lazy and have developed some tried and true tips to iron clothes without an iron.  If you have a tip you want to share, make sure you leave a comment!  I’d love to be able to add this list!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

I have grown to love Downy Wrinkle Releaser.  (PS. Don’t buy off of Amazon – way too expensive!).  This stuff is awesome!  I spray it on my clothes and shake them out a few minutes before I get dressed.  The spray won’t make creases – but it definitely shakes out all the wrinkles.  Here’s a tip: don’t spray where it can get on a hardwood floor.  It kinda makes the floor sticky.  I like spraying it in the bathroom or shower.

Use your Hair Straightener

Secondly, I use my hair straightener for touch-ups.  Most of the time, my clothes are wrinkled mostly on the hem.  I heat up my hair straightener, and run it along the hem (or a pocket, or a sleeve).  This is perfect for those clothes that roll up at the bottom!  (This is also great when you travel and need to touch something up.)

Non-Iron Clothes

I married well.  My husband already had an iron-free mantra in his life.  He has spent the last decade only buying clothes that are iron-free.  For instance, these Never-Iron Dockers are the only khakis he buys.  They are more expensive normally – but we wait for a Belk coupon or get them on Amazon for under $50.  And, he has a ton of the No-Iron shirts from Land’s End.  Here’s the thing.  Even if they are more expensive, they are SO WORTH IT.  We never iron his clothes and  they hold up amazingly!  All these no-iron clothes really do keep a crease, and look like new every time!  Remember my new favorite white Oxford blouse that I researched and bought?  The one I bought from Talbots is no-iron – it’s the only way I keep wearing it!  (By the way, I have bought no-iron pillow cases in the past – and that wasn’t worth it.  Haha.  They are doomed to wrinkle :)).

How to wash clothes

This leads me to my next point – something my husband also taught me.  Wash all your dress clothes (that need-to-be-ironed) in the same load.  He has a separate hamper just for his dress clothes, and they get their own separate load.  Then, when they are done in the dryer, you RUN to the dryer and IMMEDIATELY hang them up.  I mean RUN.  When we hear the dryer beep, we sprint down the hallway, grab them, and within 30 seconds they are on hangers.  If they stay in the dryer for a hair too long – the wrinkles set in.  Try it.  And you get some exercise.  And it’s fun :).


Let’s talk steamers.  I don’t have one, but in the future I might be tempted to get one.  People swear by them, and if you have a ton of gorgeous need-to-be-ironed Banana Republic blouses, this is probably a good investment!  This Steamfast steamer is the top one on Amazon – and is under $70.  Even though I don’t have a steamer, I do hang my clothes up in my bathroom while I shower.  It’s not really intentional – I do this every night so I don’t wake my husband up in the morning.  But, letting my clothes steam off in my steamy bathroom really works.  It’s also great for when I am on a trip and need a wrinkle-free item.

Hotel Ironing

Lastly, this is a bonus tip for if you have to iron.  I mean – if it is necessary.  My mother taught me this.  In the morning, warm up your iron beside your bed.  Fold down the covers, and iron your item right on the sheets.  Go fast – and even the sheets won’t get too hot.  It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require the ironing board.  Again, don’t go slow or you might burn your sheets.  But, it’s super easy when you need an ironed shirt within the hour!

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