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I love heels.  I don’t own a ton of pairs – but I love them.  To me they carry a classic elegance that makes any woman stand out.  And, who doesn’t love making their legs look like a million miles high?

Unfortunately, some heels just are inherently uncomfortable.  Even if you research your favorites to death (like my research for my nude heels), it’s always a possibility that your well-chosen beauties will just hurt like crazy!  Even if your heels don’t hurt, there is a high chance that your feet slide around in them.  No one wants to wear slippery shoes!

Years ago, my friend Jen once passed on a killer solution for slippery shoes.  Her solution was to put heel cushions in the toes of your pumps.  These heel cushions are like little long rectangles, and they perfectly fit under your toes in a pair of shoes.  This little trick keeps your feet from sliding forward every time and cushions your toes!  This is my number #1 tip for how to make your heels comfortable all day.

FP002_BlackIris_HeavenlyHeelz_Alt_1600x1400I have done this for every pair of heels I own – and often in my boots as well.  The BEST brand for these heel cushions is Foot Petals.  (Don’t even try to use something from the grocery store like Dr. Scholl’s.  I have found Dr. Scholl’s to be much smaller in size – and their adhesive budges within the first few days of use.)

Foot Petals, on the other hand, makes the BEST brand of shoe insoles.  I order them from Amazon, and just assume I will add on $3-4 to my total price for a pair of shoes.  A package of three pairs is only $13.69 here from Amazon.

For the Heavenly Heelz, place one toe cushion right under your toes in your pumps.  It is a little tricky to gauge where that is, but make sure they press up against your toes – keeping your feet from sliding.  These last forever!

1976210-p-MULTIVIEWI have also used Foot Petals Tip Toes (perfect for all-over cushioning), Amazing Arches (for arch support), Killer Kushions (for full-foot cushioning), and their Sole Stopperz (a traction pad for the bottom of your shoe).  Each of these has worked just as advertised, and worth their weight in gold.  They have made some unbearable shoes worth wearing again!

By the way, this post in not sponsored in any way by Foot Petals – I just really love them!  (This post does have Amazon affiliate links).


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