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When I was young my mother gave me a little red notebook.  She included an article about the bygone phenomenon of the commonplace book.  I loved the idea of a little place that I could keep all my random thoughts – my favorite quotes, a list of favorite mascaras, my favorite paint swatch.  These topics are probably far from what Thomas Jefferson kept in his commonplace book, but still, these books were not meant to be in-depth scientific journals, just little places to keep little daily ideas.  Commonplace books take their name from the Latin phrase locus communis, meaning “a theme or article of general application”.

The use of the commonplace book began in England during the 17th century, and originated the gerund “commonplacing”.  I wish these little books were still part of our daily lives!

Why a Commonplace Book?

That is what I want with this blog.  I am not a genius with an invention worth writing about, or a flashy celebrity whose hourly schedule is a profitable commodity.  I don’t even plan on boring you with stories of my trips to the dentist.  I just want to write about ideas.  Ideas that are worth sharing.  Ideas that improve life.  Ideas that I don’t want to lose.  This is my attempt to begin commonplacing. Welcome!