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I’m Ginny and can’t wait to meet you! I work 50+ hours a week. Mom my two kids. And strive everyday to spend more real time with my husband and kids. All I want to be is a good mom who works hard. That’s not too much to ask, right? Come hang out with me and do more than the bare minimum. 🔗 Website

3 Tips to Keep your Kids Healthy the Winter Months

Looking for tips to keep your kids healthy the winter months? I’ve got 3 tips that work for my kids and keep them healthy at school during the winter. If you are looking for new ideas to try to keep your kids healthy and keep off the germs, try these ideas: keeping hand sanitizer in the car, BeeKeeper’s Natural Propolis Immunity Support, and my everyday immunity smoothie.

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19 Best Amazon Prime Deals for Working Moms

Is an Amazon Prime Deal Day sale right around the corner and you are looking for all the best Amazon Prime deals for working moms? I’m right there with you. Keep reading to see the best Amazon deals that have made my work at home life so much easier!

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