Using an Under Desk Treadmill – 4 Undeniable Benefits of the WalkingPad P1

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Are you looking to buy the WalkingPad P1 under the desk treadmill? Well let me give you a personal report from using it for a month. I used a under the desk treadmill over the course of 30 days, and am super pleased with the WalkingPad P1. Keep reading to see how this has benefitted my life.

I have been eyeing the whole “stand up walking pad home office” thing for a LONG time. Like years. Everyone on Instagram and TikTok is doing it. Work. Walk. Get exercise.

But, I have a HUGE habit of quitting exercise. So I had a million questions. Would an under desk treadmill be worth it? Would I keep it up? Would I resent “having to workout” while I work?

So, after years of questioning the whole stand-up work-at-home lifestyle, I went for it.

I would try it out. And see how it worked. I had NOTHING to lose – except my thighs.

This is how it went.

Are you looking to buy the WalkingPad P1 under the desk treadmill? Well let me give you a personal report from using it for a month. I used a under the desk treadmill over the course of 30 days, and am super pleased with the WalkingPad P1.

The Under Desk Treadmill: WalkingPad P1

After looking at every standing desk and walking treadmill, I finally settled on a combination of the WalkingPad P1 and the Harmoni wood standing desk.

Keep reading if you want to read my review of the under-desk treadmill WalkingPad P1 below. But spoiler, I love it. I love how the Harmoni desk and the WalkingPad P1 work with my existing desk setup, and give my existing home office an upgrade. I didn’t have to buy a new desk which I loved.

Benefit #1: I Prefer My Standup Home Office Setup

I bought the Harmoni Stand-up Desk and immediately started to use my standing-only home office. Even before I added a treadmill, I immediately enjoyed standing instead of sitting.

I didn’t even realize how sedentary I was! I immediately realized that I had better posture. I stood taller. I wasn’t hunched over all day.

I kept my office chair close by, in case I needed to sit. But, I didn’t! I found that I felt much more engaged and focused when I was standing instead of sitting.

So, even if you don’t plan on walking while working, just getting a stand-up desk is worth it in my opinion. Keep reading to read my review of the Harmoni Stand-Up Desk.

Benefit #2: I Improved my Productivity

Standing up and walking requires your whole body to engage. It focuses your mind. And it uses your brain. I found that while using an under desk treadmill, I was MUCH more engaged and productive.

When I’m working at home from my desk, my mind easily wanders and thinks about friends, social media, and my to-do list. When I am standing, I feel like I’m one of those crazy busy tech people who types a miles a minute. Just try to stop me!

Benefit #3: I Found a Way to Improve Dopamine

When you are an adult, its REALLY hard to find the thing that makes you happy.

So much of our life is filled with things we have to do. And easy things we can do to take up time. But, if someone were to ask you, “What do you REALLY feel happy about”, the list might be short.

I’ve been trying to make my own list of “Dopamine Inducers” that I can add to my life. What in my life can be used to stimulate “pleasure, satisfaction and motivation” (source)?

You know what makes me REALLY HAPPY?

In the evening, I pull out my folding treadmill, I turn on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie, and I just walk and sing.

It is SO GOOD.

That little distraction in the evening that allows me to disconnect, sing, find joy, AND EXERCISE? It’s pretty awesome.

Are you looking to buy the WalkingPad P1 under the desk treadmill? Well let me give you a personal report from using it for a month. I used a under the desk treadmill over the course of 30 days, and am super pleased with the WalkingPad P1. Keep reading to see how this has benefitted my life.

Benefit #4: I Improved my Sedentary Lifestyle

I sit A LOT.

That is the one thing that I can count on in my life.

So to find a way to convert some of those sitting minutes to walking minutes is a huge win.

Even if I only add 20 minutes of walking to my day, it’s a win!

When I find myself wondering things about Modes, MPH, and Calories, I remind myself that I’m not sitting. That’s the goal.

Surprising Cons of an Under Desk Treadmill

You know what they don’t tell you about using a standing desk and under desk treadmill?

1. I began to resent my desk and chose to sit elsewhere for work.

As soon as I set up my standing desk, I found myself working at the kitchen table, and the sofa, and even my bed. All of a sudden, I grew to resent my work and my desk. Working required exercise, and I didn’t always love it.

So just because everyone and their sister loves it on social media, doesn’t mean that you will love it all the time. It’s still exercise and it’s still work!

2. When I did use the treadmill, I was tired A LOT.

Even if you just walk for 30 minutes – or an hour – you might end your work day tired and at the end of what you can handle. Some days, that exertion gave me energy and it was totally worth it!

But some days it kind of hurt me – it wore me out before I needed to finish my day and show up for my family. So, if I had a busy evening ahead of me, I found myself not wanting to work out.

3. I learned that I don’t want naturally want to exercise.

You know those people that love going to the gym? Well, I’m not one of them.

I thought that having an exercise machine easily available at home would change my excuse of “it’s just to hard.”

Turns out, I still used that excuse, and still didn’t love walking even though the setup was the easiest in the world.

Stand-Up Desk Review

I just got a wood Standing Desk (just like this one) recently and I love this exact style. (I got the Harmoni Standing Desk, but it is no longer available online.)

It is so sleek and high quality and the wood is magnificent. It is easy to set up and keep folded when you don’t want it.

I love how high quality it is, and how the wood enhances my desk area, instead of covering it with metal and angles and hard edges.

(Disclaimer: I don’t have this exact item, but a similar one. This one does have amazing reviews though!)

Jumbo DeskStand Standing Desk



Dual Screen, Sit-Stand Workstation. For the multi-tasking individual who needs more space and a separate monitor, or two!


Standing Desk Treadmill Folded

The WalkingPad P1 Review

It took me a LONG time to decide to buy the WalkingPad Folding Treadmill P1. I looked at every best under-desk treadmills in my price range, and had very specific criteria. This is what I wanted:

  • A folding walking pad that would fit under my desk
  • A desk that I could run on (but it didn’t need a desk or handrails attached)
  • A treadmill that used a remote control, not just an app
  • I wanted to purchase on Amazon for easy returns if needed.

I chose the WalkingPad P1 because it was affordable, had great reviews, and fit my specs! This is what the P1 offers:

  • Ultra Slim Foldable Running Board For Easy Storage: This WalkingPad foldable treadmill P1 adopts ultra slim high strength aluminum frame design with patented hinged folding running board, the dimensions of this walking pad is 56inch x 21.5inch and only 32inch x 21.5inch when folded.
  • Exquisite Remote Control With High Definition Monitor: This WalkingPad treadmill P1 uses wireless remote control which is creative designed with finger-feel key and high definition screen, you can use this remote to do on/off, manual/automatic, accelerate/decelerate, start/pause function and also with the speed/time/millage/calories led display. (source)
  • Weight limit is 220 Pounds (better than some!).

Here are some things I discovered:

  • The treadmill is very easy for me to move – only 62 lbs in weight.
  • It has a compact design and folds up super neatly, and would be perfect for apartments and small homes with small spaces.
  • Contrary to the images, it does NOT stand up when stored. It must be stored flat laying down.
  • I don’t use the app (I don’t prefer Chinese owned apps), but found the remote works great. Sometimes it is hard to connect the remote to get the treadmill started. But I have found just alternating between the start and connect buttons does the trick.
  • It’s top speed is 3.72 Miles per Hour – which is more than other walking pads on the market.

If you are considering an under-the-desk treadmill, I highly recommend this one!


WalkingPad Folding Treadmill


Ultra Slim Foldable Running Board For Easy Storage.

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Using an Under Desk Treadmill – 4 Undeniable Benefits of the WalkingPad P1